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Established in 1957

At Fairlane Products, we design, manufacture and stock a range of standard components used in machine tool workholding, specialty fastening and material handling. Our related business, Fixtureworks, supplies an extended range of standard machine components and complete workholding solutions.

Recently, Fairlane introduced a new product line of configurable robot gripper fingers.

Configurable Robot Fingers

Our goal was to offer customers an easier solution for purchasing robot gripper fingers.  We would accomplish this by offering a product configurator where the customer could design their own tooling.  In searching for a software solution, we were unable to find a product which satisfied all our requirements.

We began working on our own solution which utilized the cloud-based CAD platform, Onshape. During our development process, it became apparent that the configurator we were building had many other applications outside of gripper fingers. We kept flexibility in mind as we continued developing the solution which became GetShape, an infinite product configurator.

Smart, configurable CAD Models

GetShape is a database logic layer and simplified user interface for viewing and configuring a CAD model within a web browser.

Smart, configurable, CAD models are helping to make mass customization possible by enabling non-technical users to create highly customized designs in just a few minutes. Give your customers the experience of creating a one-of-a-kind product with simple and intuitive controls.

A New Class of Configurator

The GetShape logic layer maintains relationships between a CAD model and a forward facing interface to present users with streamlined options and parameters for customizing their design.

Unlike traditional product configurators which filter results down to a part number or combine multiple part numbers into a configured assembly, Getshape’s logic between the UI and your CAD allows design control by the user over virtually any aspect of model. In this creative process of linking geometry to input controls, it allows creation of specific design boundaries to an otherwise infinite possibility of configurations.

Your CAD, Smarter With GetShape

The GetShape Hosted UI, available at, is a forward facing web page where users can access their private Smart CAD models. Quickly configure a design and review the updated model on screen. Many details are available for output including CAD download, real-time pricing, manufacturing documents and more.

Alternatively, GetShape can be integrated into any webpage and pass configuration data back to the host website.

Design -to- Manufacturing

More than a configurator. GetShape Solutions is available for full design-to-manufacturing and logistics services.

Leveraging our parent company's CNC machining capabilities and 3D printing partnerships, GetShape offers complete manufacturing and shipping services for your custom designed components.