SMART configurable CAD

3D printing has changed how custom products are perceived from a manufacturing perspective. Smart, configurable, CAD models are helping to make mass customization possible by enabling non-technical users to create highly customized designs in just a few minutes.

Unlike traditional product configurators which filter results down to a part number or combine multiple part numbers into a configured assembly, Getshape’s logic between the UI and a CAD model allows design control by the user over virtually any aspect of a CAD model.

In this creative development process of linking geometry to input controls, it allows creation of specific design boundaries to an otherwise infinite possibility of configurations. The configurator can be integrated into any webpage and pass configuration data back to a host website.

The software was originally developed by machine and workholding component manufacturer, Fairlane Products. Visit and see how easy it is to design customized tooling for robotic automation.

Contact us today to learn more about how GetShape can give your customers the experience of creating one-of-a-kind products with simple and intuitive controls.